Feeding My Compost Pile

Microbes need to eat so I feed them our vegetable and fruit peels and table scraps.  Yum yum! Dig a hole 1/2 down into your pile and dump in the garbage. Mix it up and cover it over.  Make sure its moist like a wet sponge. Bury it deep and cover it up.  Turn regularly.…
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The Evolution of Weatherization Over the Past 20 Years

People have been talking about the benefits of proper weatherization of your home for decades now. In fact, the U.S. Energy Department’s Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) has been around since 1976! Experience has shown that for every dollar spent on home weatherization projects there is a $1.56 benefit realized in energy cost savings from those…
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Composting 101: Tips to Get Your Compost Pile Started

Looking to create a compost pile out of your everyday food waste? Sure, there’s a lot that goes into the composting process. But, thankfully, it’s easy to get started! Here are a few “Composting 101” tips to get your own compost pile started. Great compost pile starters rich in nitrogen jump-start your compost pile Nitrogen…
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Top Tips for Home Energy Efficiency

Looking to save on your home energy bills, including electricity and heating & cooling costs? Here are a few top tips for home energy efficiency, plus a few additional tips to help you out more! Install a programmable thermostat to save on cooling and heating costs. You can save an average of $150 per year…
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