Cape Cod’s largest soil concern lies in the toxic chemicals we use for our lawn care

Toxic Chemicals

Everyone wants their grass to look healthy, bright, & green. But some of the procedures people are using to get there are causing more harm than good. Toxic chemicals are being released from synthetic lawn care, garden fertilizers, and pesticides. Not only do these harm you & your family, but they also harm Cape Cod as a whole.

Water Contamination

Groundwater contamination occurs when man-made products such as gasoline, oil, road salts and chemicals get into the groundwater and cause it to become unsafe and unfit for human use. Runoff from lawn care chemicals is the largest source of groundwater contamination in our country.

Health Effects

These same fertilizers and pesticides are making our children & our pets sick (Scientific fact, clinically proven.) Synthetic fertilizers can seriously deplete the nutritional content of foods. Direct contact or exposure to synthetic chemical fertilizers can kill, or cause health problems for many people.

Rebuild your soil by naturally composting

Watch our short educational video to learn more about why composting makes a difference, and how you could benefit.

Cape Save has everything you need to get started on the solution.

Compost Bins

Made out of pallets and wood, our composting system keeps your food scraps organized without the eyesore of clunkier plastic systems.


Our composting kits come with all of the necessary accessories needed to run the system including bins and dollies.


A proper set of tools goes a long way when running this system, however, the tools required for our composting system are simple and few.

Be The Change

Will you make the decision to eliminate the use of harmful synthetic chemicals in your house, yard, and gardens? Let’s clean up our mess and get back into alignment with the natural ways one homestead at a time.